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In addition to robotics and sensors, Hi-Tec Pipe Rehabilitation makes large investments in data management so that we can transform data into usable and accurate pipeline condition information.

We do this in three ways. 

First, your data is transmitted digitally from the instant it leaves the sensor.  We use fiber optics to carry the large volume of data - even video - from the robotic platform, assuring the highest quality.

Second, we store your data in an open format, easily exported to your choice of NASSCO 4.0 or wastewater GIS applications, as well as or any database or spreadsheet.

Third, your data is kept secure on our servers, available any time in the future for comparison against new inspection information.





GIS of Large Diamter Pipe Google Earth





Laserul 3Dimensional foloseste o tehnologie compet diferită si mult mai avansată decit traditionalul lases de profil, gener´┐Żnd informații mult mai acurate in legatura ovalității si coroziunii conductelor.

3D Laser

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Masuratori acurate de deviatii a conductelor.

AMBELE                          CCTV  si 3Dlaser folosite la inspectarea conductelor cu diametru mărit.

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3D Laser
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